Anita Bullock Morley

Anita is a speech, language, behavioral and early intervention specialist who has been practicing in the Atlanta metro area for over 15 years. As she began working with children and their families, she discovered her passion for leading the whole family toward success and she opened her private practice, Communication Interventions, in 2002. Over the years, her company has evolved beyond the scope of just speech therapy and now offers a wider variety of services for children and families. It incorporates the use of researched based interventions, mindfulness training, parent/teacher training, behavioral strategies, and success based therapeutic models. She incorporates the use of nutritional and brain health, peaceful parenting techniques, and everyday usable strategies to support families on their journey. Since having two children of her own, she’s now able to take the perspectives of both sides of this journey and she’s grateful to have the opportunity to share her own experiences with parents.  Her combined experience creates an opportunity for the compassion and knowledge needed to be supportive, both effectively and functionally.

Anita is a state licensed, ASHA certified, Speech Language Pathologist. She has completed and maintains her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC). Her varied background includes a Debra Beckman Oral Motor Training Certification (2000), she’s a Better Brains for Babies Trainer (BBB), and a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP). Anita is also on the TIP (Therapy Intervention Program) Team at the Elaine Clark Child Developmental Center. There, she performs her abilities as a diagnostician in their PEAR (Pediatric Early Assessment Referral) Team Assessments. This provides her with an invaluable experience to work alongside a child development specialist, an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist using this team approach. In 2014, Anita created the Compassionate Boundaries Parenting Workshop. She also is the co-founder of Camp TheraFUN, a mindfulness-based, social thinking camp and has been the co-director since 2009. Communication Interventions was proud to open their doors to KindTree Kids programs in 2016. This program guides children and families on their journey to mindfulness in everyday lives.

With a strong focus on the whole child (one that honors the individual needs of the child instead of comparing to the masses), Anita strives to create a whole-family (your goals, your needs) centered program that can easily be implemented in any environment. Anita believes this integrated,  play-based, mindful approach is the best way to create a healthy, functional outcome for everyone.