Brook Hewitt

I have been teaching and working with kids since I  was a kid myself. I worked in the school system for several years as an elementary art teacher and found my way to many private institutions as a freelance teacher.

In 2009, I started a photography business, a life long dream. Shortly after, I realized that I could teach photography to kids – an even bigger dream! I set out finding the best possible techniques and gear for this endeavor.  I put my curriculum into action and began teaching photography and photojournalism to the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta, Westminster Art and Science Camp, The Main Street School of Art, Discovery Montessori, Pace Academy, Freedom Park Preschool and several art studios.

I have been a hired consult for many teachers and schools on creating photography lesson plans and published a children’s book on photography, “Max and the Attitude Adjustment.” I also created a “crawl through” interactive camera named “Speedy Camzilla” to be used as an interactive teaching tool. I love a good teaching tool! My latest project is a 1966 Shasta camper that will be turned into a mobile photography classroom so I can take my show on the road! I basically teach kids how to make magic with cameras!

Photography is a great exercise in problem-solving.  Any child can benefit and use the same skill set in other areas of life. Camera Class For Kids has classes for kids ages 4-18 throughout the Atlanta area. The students mainly learn on DSLR Canon cameras but we will study and explore different types of photography and cameras as well such as Polaroid, film and “point and shoot.” In Camera Class all gear is provided for each student and all skill levels are welcome. IF YOU GIVE A KID A CAMERA THEY WILL SHOW YOU THEIR WORLD!