We Offer A Wide Range Of Extracurricular Activities In The Arts, Athletics, And Other Special Interest Areas.


If your child likes to play chess (or you think they might) and you want to encourage them to learn this “Smart Sport” to improve their concentration, creativity and abstract skills—they will love Orthochess. This program provides each student hands-on experience with basic lessons, tournaments and chess notation. Most of all, it is fun and entertaining at the same time! At the end of the period, each student will be recognized for their hard work. This program will be led by Carolina Blanco, Top female Chess Player in Georgia, Member of the Olympic Chess team, 3 time Pan-American champion, and International Chess Master, and her staff. For more information, contact Carolina at 770.639.8220 or via e-mail.

Ballet/Tap & Gymnastics

Gilda Thomas is the director and founder of GILDA THOMAS DANCE COMPANY. A native of New York City, Gilda is a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts in New York City and North Carolina School of the Arts. With a major in dance, she has extensive training in both dance and theatre and has performed with a number of reputable companies. She has taught ballet, tap, jazz, modern, African dance and gymnastics for the past fourteen years. Gilda Thomas Dance Company was created out of her desire to teach the arts to children and young adults. In Ballet/Tap students will learn the principles of classical ballet and tap techniques. In Gymnastics, students learn tumbling skills, balance and coordination. For more information, contact Gilda at 770.891.7433 or via email.


Grounded Kids is a fun and playful yoga club that provides the perfect way for kids to practice valuable skills that last a lifetime. It is based on the core belief that yoga can have a profound and positive effect on kids and teens.Each class begins by gathering together to settle, quite the mind and breathe, followed by a discussion of the theme for the class. Each theme is related to a quality that can be cultivated and embodied in yoga poses, then translated into our actions in everyday life, such as balance. Next, a series of specifically selected, theme-related Grounded yoga poses are practiced. A few of the Grounded poses that require balance are Left Breath Right, Root Tree Rise and Over the Rainbow. Next, students participate in an activity that emphasizes the theme. Examples of choices include art, yoga games, creative writing and the Quest for Elevation where the students practice certain skills, such as creating a yoga flow according to their level. Each class concludes with relaxation and guided visualization. Grounded Kids was co-founded by Amy Haysman, who has been practicing yoga since 1995. She holds a Master’s of Education Degree and taught for many years in the classroom prior to teaching on the mat. For more information, please visit www.gogrounded.com, or contact Amy Haysman.

Kids Present

Kids Pre-Sent is a theatre-based confidence-building, speech-enhancing, fun program for kids organized by CHW Productions. Kids Pre-Sent camps, programs and extra-curricular classes for children are taught by experienced theatre and speech teachers under the direction of Colleen Hammond Whitmore. Taking critical components of speech and presentation skills, the energetic games of theatre are used to create powerful educational experiences for students. Students also engage in in-depth study of selected topics (such as geography, landmarks of the world, and the solar system), which are then presented live during an interactive performance at the end of the semester! Colleen Hammond Whitmore is the founder of CHW Productions and Kids Pre-Sent. She has been teaching interactive speech through theatre methods to college-aged students for 20 years. She later recognized the need for these services for children, and soon thereafter Kids Present was born. For more information, please visit www.kidspresent.net, or contact Colleen Hammond Whitmore.


Playball is a curriculum-based, age-appropriate program that teaches a variety of sports skills in a non-competitive, positive and encouraging way. The Playball approach is a wonderful compliment to the Montessori philosophy, as it does not teach sport skills in isolation. Instead it recognizes the importance of the development of the whole child, including social, emotional and cognitive intelligence. Class sizes are kept small. Children around the world have benefitted from the Playball program for the past 25 years! Playball in Atlanta is run by Kathryn Parker, who has taught at various local schools over the past ten years. For more information, email Kathryn or visit www.kidinmecoaching.com.

Private Piano/Guitar

Mrs. Isabel Mester has been the music teacher at AMIS since 2005. She began developing the music program with recorder groups in 2006 and the music program has grown rapidly since then. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Instituto Universitario de Estudios Musicales in Venezuela. She has more than thirty years of teaching and performing experience throughout Venezuela and the United States. For more information about private piano or guitar lessons, please contact Isabel at 404.906.8304 or via email.