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Presidential Level Security

As part our ongoing efforts to provide a safe and secure learning environment we have partnered with Secure Education Consultants (SEC), a security agency founded by and comprised of former US Secret Service agents. SEC has examined our facilities, trained our staff and continues to partner with us to ensure we maintain the safest and most secure schools in the US.

Secure Entry

Our campus features secure monitored entry with biometric technology and PIN for each parent and member of staff to ensure your child’s safety. We also perform instant checks on each visitor, via driver’s license and provide a name badge good only for the duration of their visit.

Trained and prepared staff

100% of our faculty and staff are equipped to respond quickly and appropriately to the most common, and many uncommon emergency situations, with each member trained to act for the best outcome in their specific role. Our staff has received hands-on instruction for the most common threats including violent intruder, abduction and environmental disaster and are trained and re-certified every year.

Secure Facilities

Our facilities have been carefully evaluated and modified to address all potential vulnerabilities and are equipped with Emergency Preparedness Plans (EPPs) and the resources to execute them. Our EPPs feature detailed instructions and protocols to address most common scenarios.