Montessori Primer – Where Does Technology Fit in a Montessori Environment?

The incorporation of technology into the Montessori classroom is a choice that must be considered in each Montessori school. Some Montessori schools embrace technology; other Montessori schools prohibit its use. One might wonder, What would Maria Montessori have thought?

In studying Dr. Montessori’s life, it is evident that her scientific and educational ideas were revolutionary in the early 1900’s. In observing and encouraging change based on the needs of the children, she created a methodology for teaching that was very progressive for the Industrial Age. The following chart, based on information shared on former Montessori educator and current education advocate Elizabeth Hubbell’s blog, illustrates that – though Montessori worked in the Industrial Age – her approach to education and child development were ahead of their time, and are perfectly suited to learning in the Information Age.


Industrial Age


Information Age

 Books are primary tools  Technology is primary tool
 Grade levels based on age  Learning in a community of various ages
 Focus on covering specific content  Focus on meeting learners’ needs
 Learning “just in case” – information which may not be currently relevant  Learning “just in time” – learning that is developmentally appropriate
 Testing to a normalized standard  Assessment based on individual performance
 Classroom as the world  World as the classroom
 Focus on rote memorization  Focus on problem solving
 Competition with fellow students  Collaboration with fellow students
 Teacher-centered  Learner-centered
 Teacher as knowledge-giver  Teacher as coach

Please join us throughout the coming week as we examine the integration of technology into the Montessori classroom and the home!