Faculty & Staff

Each of our Montessori-trained guides has studied both Montessori philosophy and curriculum. All lead Nido (Infant), Toddler, Primary (ages 3-6), and Elementary guides are certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), and the Junior High guides have received specialized Adolescent training through the North American Montessori Teachers’ Association. Our guides carefully observe each child’s development in order to use teachable moments to “follow the child” with individualized learning for each child’s own pace.


Tesha Cobb

School Leader

Shevann Hill

Assistant School Leader

Jennifer Demer

Front Desk/Administrative Assistant

Ms. Marissa

YCC Coordinator

Ms. Danielle

Assessment and Student Support

Nido Lead Guides

Ms. Renata

Lead Nido Guide

Ms. Aide

Lead Nido Guide

Ms. Ness

Lead Nido Guide

Ms. Shanell

Lead Nido Guide

Toddler Lead Guides

Ms. LeAsia

Lead Toddler Guide

Ms. Tiona

Lead Toddler Guide

Primary Lead Guides

Ms. Natasha

Lead Primary Guide

Ms. Luz

Lead Primary Guide

Ms. Nancy

Lead Primary Guide

Elementary Lead Guides

Ms. Lisa

Lead Elementary Guide

Ms. Brenda

Lead Elementary Guide


Ms. Isabel

Music Enrichment

Ms. Jenny

Art Enrichment